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December 31

A Students 2 Students Success Story

The Kelly School in Wilkinsburg houses 386 elementary-aged students, and more than 86% of these students qualify to receive a lunch through The National Free Reduced Lunch Program. This also means that they qualify for free supplies through our various programs. We’re excited to announce that after working with The Kelly School for 3 years through Students 2 Students, Eisenhower Elementary (located in Upper St. Clair) has decided to adopt them, to help provide both students and teachers with critical supplies.

Through this process, approximately 250 Eisenhower students came to our facility to build Power Tool Homework Kits for their peers in need, and wrote personal and inspirational messages to accompany the supplies. Then, Eisenhower staff and parents headed to The Kelly School and distributed the kits at a special assembly.

“Being adopted by Eisenhower Elementary through The Education Partnership has had a profound effect on the school, its teachers, and its students. The staff and students were overwhelmed by the generosity of what they received.

When the students went back to their classroom and looked inside their bags, one said with great excitement, ‘I can’t wait to show my mom because she wouldn’t believe all the cool things in the bag.’ Another said, ‘I can’t wait to do my homework tonight and not have to worry about not having the supplies to complete my work.’”

-- Diane Mazzaros, Kelly School Teacher

“From a parental viewpoint, it’s important for me that my daughter is aware of the realities of the world outside of our “bubble.” I remember the day that she made the realization that kids wouldn’t have what they need. It was a shock for her. Through our time working and volunteering with The Education Partnership, she has developed an understanding of what this means. She knows that this is about more than school supplies. This is about their wellbeing. To actually think about another person’s well being at that age is pretty profound.”

-- April Walker, Eisenhower Parent and PTA Outreach Chair

“It is important to our school and community to provide our students with authentic community service opportunities. Teaming with the Education Partnership has undoubtedly helped to provide students with genuine growth opportunities that enhance our program, which ultimately, fosters the academic and social growth of our students. The experience has impacted the growth of our students in a number of ways: empathy, commitment to a common mission, work ethic, team building and collaboration are a few of the themes our students realize through this partnership.”

-- Mark Miller, Principal Eisenhower Elementary

To learn more about the program that made this partnership possible, please visit the Students 2 Students page.

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