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April 21

Three Windows and a Door: Phase II Becoming a Reality

After what has seemed like months of jack hammering, drilling, earthquakes, and dust clouds, the tremendous coordination of planning and manpower that has gone into our Phase II renovation project is finally starting to take shape. In the wake of settling debris can be seen the backbone and framework of an expansive modern Resource Center. Teachers, volunteers, and donors who visit The Education Partnership will be met with a visually stunning and stylistically unique new space.

If you have ever heard Executive Director Justin Brown talk about his dream for the Resource Center on Corliss Street, you have heard him describe his vision of three windows and a door as the new entrance. This past week, our contractor, Mariani & Richards, began to make that vision a reality by cutting openings into the block on the front of the building. The long awaited installation of a full sized front entry and three massive windows cut right through the exterior wall mark the latest addition to our project and cast a new light on the future potentials of this amazing space. With the bathrooms and reception area on the verge of completion as well, it is only a short matter of time before our sketches and mockups will pop from the drawing board and into reality.

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