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14 ways to receive (or donate) essential back-to-school supplies in Pittsburgh

Photo above courtesy of The Education Partnership.

Kids who have the proper learning tools participate more in class and achieve more academically, say teachers involved with The Education Partnership. Those kids are more likely to complete homework assignments, too. In part, that success comes from the sense of confidence and positive self-esteem that develops when kids are prepared and ready to excel. But rising prices can. make it even more difficult for parents to provide kids with their back-to-school needs.

This year, school supplies – from backpacks to glue sticks and notebooks – are priced, on average, 15% higher than last year, according to DataWeave, a retail and pricing analytics firm. Backpack prices are up nearly 12% to an average of $70. Lunch boxes have risen 14% to more than $25. Even things like Sharpies and Elmer’s Glue have risen in cost nearly 55% and 30% respectively since 2022.

A number of Pittsburgh organizations work toward helping learners by delivering back-to-school goods to kids who need them. More fortunate families can help the cause by shopping and donating supplies. You can get your own kids involved: Shopping for others is a terrific way for kids to develop empathy and a generous spirit. It’s a great project for the whole family.

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