Students 2 Students

Get Your Students Involved!

Everyone can make a big difference in the lives of local students! At the core of our youth’s education are the connections that students make with each other, cooperation, teamwork, and the teaching of the values that matter most. Students 2 Students facilitates these connections and provides resources for teachers and schools to promote the values that students can learn together.

The Students 2 Students Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to help teachers and schools plan activities, lessons, and projects for students to learn our core values. Included are teaching guides, fundraising ideas, reference materials, and more!


Host a Fundraiser

Throw a bake sale or open a lemonade stand. We’ll turn your funds into needed school supplies.

Organize a Coin Drive

Put that loose change to good use! Encourage classmates to collect loose change. Even the smallest donations add up—and we can stretch every dollar.

Collect School Supplies

Set up a supply drive or drop-off location at your school.  We’ll make sure the items you collect get to local students who need them.

Useful Resources
These quick links will help you get started!
If you need assistance with any tools in the guide, or if you have questions about The Education Partnership or fundraising opportunities, please contact

Volunteering at The Education Partnership is so amazing because there is truly a way for everyone to help. I volunteer every other Saturday, and have done jobs like working in the store, moving furniture, taking inventory of stock, entering data, and even working on creative projects… The atmosphere of The Education Partnership is so flexible, adapting to whatever you feel comfortable doing.

Ruthie Pilarski, Local Student & Volunteer