Thank You 100+ Men Who Care!

Ethan Nicholas, left, Rick Malik and Josh Whiteside at a recent meeting of the group 100+ Men Who Care in Cranberry.

100+ Men Who Care put their money where their hearts are

At each meeting of 100+ Men Who Care Pittsburgh in Cranberry, members write their names and the names of their favorite charity on slips of paper that are put into a hat. Three names are drawn. The charity being nominated must be from southwestern Pennsylvania. No national or global charities are accepted. good guys  At the next meeting, the three members are given several minutes to speak about the purpose of their charity and why it should be selected, followed by a few minutes for questions. Members then vote for one of the three presented charities. The charity with the most votes receives $100 or more from each member. Three new members are then selected to make presentations for the next meeting. In its seventh year, the group has about 150 members and has raised more than $225,000.

“This concept is so fun and easy,” Secretary Ethan Nicholas said. “The group succeeds despite zero marketing efforts, other than word of mouth.” The Education Partnership, a Pittsburgh nonprofit that provides free school supplies to under-resourced schools, was the winning charity March 30. Nicholas, a donor to the organization, made the nomination. “The Education Partnership was pitched to the group as a potential charity to support, unbeknownst to us,” executive director Josh Whiteside said, adding that he was grateful. “Thanks to these dollars, we have been able to manage school supply distributions for thousands of additional teachers we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to provide for,” he said.

100+ Men Who Care Pittsburgh co-founder Kirk Vogel said Rick Malik brought the concept of the group to him in early 2017. The first meeting was held that March.

“The best part of our chapter is power in numbers,” said Vogel, 47, of Pine, co-founder and president of the Walnut Grill restaurant group. “The more members we have, the larger the donation becomes. “We were on a great path pre-COVID. We are in the process of growing the group again.”

The next meeting will be at 6 p.m. June 29 at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry.

First Published April 19, 2023, 5:30am