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Grades: 9th – 12th


The Finch is a programmable robot that can be paired with easy programming languages such as “Scratch” or “Snap.” Students can program the robot easily using these programs and watch their program come to life. It includes a little more complex block commands which is why it’s more appropriate for the high school students. This allows them to develop troubleshooting skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and algorithmic abilities. 

Your Kit Includes:

  • A Finch robot
  • Laptops and charging cables

Helpful Tips/Suggestions:

  • Use the BirdBrain Technologies website in the Finch robot section. This section gives a lot of helpful curriculum-based lesson plans that may help you decide how to introduce the Finch to your classroom. 
  • Try to play around with the Scratch program first–understanding how the program works is crucial to programming your robot. It is quite easy to learn but has a little bit of a learning curve!

Click the Finch logo to be re-directed to their website.