Grades: 7th – 8th


The Hummingbird kit involves robot technology and basic programming skills and seeks to allow students to explore their curiosity with this type of technology. It uses programmable boards and the programming language Scratch to allow students to create their own robots. It incorporates all aspects of technology including creativity. Students have the ability to really problem solve and create a robot that incorporates all the skills they want their robot to have.  

Your Kit Includes:

  • Duo Board
  • Terminal Tab Tool (orange)
  • Single/TriColor LEDs (RGB wire)
  • Vibration motor (yellow wire)
  • Standard Motor (orange wire)
  • Power Cable
  • Servos (rotating motor)
  • Sensors (light, distance, sound, temperature, rotation)
  • USB Cable

Helpful Tips/Suggestions:

  • Use the orange tab tool to push down on the tab and push the wire in–the wire end should remain in the port
  • Download the BirdBrain Robot Server and the Offline Editor of Scratch 2.0. Once the duo board is connected via USB, open the BirdBrain Robot Server and Open Scratch through this application. By doing this the Hummingbird-specific blocks on Scratch will appear

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