Grades: Pre-K – 2nd


Puzzlets are a Bluetooth accessory for your computer that allows students to play games related to coding, math, or color theory. The Puzzlets include interactive games that will teach students basic programming, math, and art skills. The Puzzlets are a great way to introduce visual learning and critical thinking skills to students. By way of using games, the Puzzlet kit really allows students to explore creativity and learn via a hands-on approach. 

Your Kit Includes:

  • iPad
  • Puzzlet tiles
  • Puzzlet tray
  • 3 games: Cork the Volcano, Abacus Finch, Swatch Out

Helpful Tips/Suggestions:

  • The Puzzlet experience is best experienced hands-on. As a teacher, try out the kit prior to your students trying it out so that you know how to guide them best
  • The students will learn by trying out the games and using the tiles to properly code using their Puzzlet

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