Sto-Rox school counselor makes plea for paper on social media, gets flood of support

Katie Couch took to Twitter when the district issued a request for teachers to conserve paper because it was about to run out and there was no money in the budget for more.

It didn’t take long for Couch to get a response. She tagged big companies in her tweet — but everyday people started donating paper.

“And retweeting, commenting and liking, saying, ‘How can we help?’ and ‘What can we do?’ and ‘What else can we get you?'” Couch said. “I had so many people comment saying, ‘What else do your teachers need? Get us more stuff on your list. We don’t want to get you just paper — what else can we provide for you?’ So it was just amazing.”

Couch said she has created this Amazon list that anyone can access to donate supplies. People can also go to and type in 15136 for McKees Rocks.

Plenty of paper deliveries are already scheduled for next week.

Sto-Rox Upper Elementary Principal Heather Johnston shared this statement with Pittsburgh’s Action News 4:

“Recently I had to inform my staff that there was minimal copy paper left and there would not be an order placed because of budget constraints. We would have been out sooner if it had not been for the help from The Education Partnership. They do an amazing job of providing a variety of resources for our students. We lose a great deal of money to charter schools. Unfortunately, the bills have to be paid before orders can be placed for supplies. We work with what money we have left to budget for necessary materials. We have been stretching our resources incredibly thin and hoping for the inequity of public education funding to be changed. Many people would complain but Ms. Couch took initiative. I applaud the efforts of my guidance counselor Katie Couch for her innovative strategy to use social media to reach out to many people for donations. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming! It’s refreshing to see so many kind people have reached out to contribute to our teachers and students. We can’t thank you enough!”